WIX Website Help

Got a Wix website and need a little help? I can do that.

Whether you or someone else has built your website using the Wix proprietary system, sometimes you need a helping hand either making some minor tweaks, finding a solution to a problem you are having, adding functionality or having someone who you contact any time you need something done to the site.

Keeping in mind, the Wix system does have some limitations, I cannot promise the ability to do anything you might want exactly as you imagine, but typically there is a way to achieve the goal.

3 Payment Options

Because I can't know exactly how much work is involved (whether request are something possible within the Wix system or if we need to figure out a workaround) I don't offer a direct quote.

What I do offer is:

  • Hourly work
  • Pre-paid block of time at a discount
    • 5 hours
    • 10 hours
    • 20 hours
  • Monthly management (up to 1 hour per month)