Q. What is SEO?

A. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is work done to make sure your website can be indexed/ranked properly by Google, Bing and other search engines. The key takeaway is that it does not matter what you think your site it about, it's what the search engines think. SEO is the work done with the content and behind the scenes code of your site pages to make sure everything is aligned properly.

Q. What is Hosting? Is that the same as my Domain name?

A. Website hosting is the server space where your website files are so they can been seen on the internet. Your domain name is the "address name" of your website and is separate from the hosting. The domain name has a setting that points to the server (the web host) where your website files are. Often people buy them together so it seems as though they are connected but in reality they are separate.

Q. What is SSL?

A. An SSL Certificate is a way to secure the traffic between your website and those visiting your site using SSL Encryption. This can be seen by the difference in the URL of the website. EG: http:// vs https:// (notice the 's' at the end?)

Q. Who owns the website?

A. You do. Even though I am building your website and may be hosting it, you are the owner and have full rights to the site including the ability to move it to another web hosting company if you wish. I use standard web design technology so you're not stuck in one system.

Q. Can I see website statistics?

A. Yes, you can either use the stats package the web server keeps or you can use another service such as Google Analytics if you have a Google account. I can plug in the connecting code to your Google Analytics account so you view the reports on which pages and how long people are viewing your site.

Q. How quickly will my website be built?

A. My standard answer is 2-4 weeks and normally comes down to when I get all the necessary content and photos (if you're providing them to me) and how busy you are running your business vs your ability to review things as we're working on them.

Q. How quickly will my site show up in search?

A. There are a lot of factors not the least of which is the schedule each search engine uses to scan new sites. Factors include not only what you're doing, but how much competition there is in your market segment.

Only 1 site can be first and depending upon your market Google might be pushing directory websites and national sized companies so very quickly you can find yourself blocked out of the first couple pages. If you're in a less competitive (or more unique) marketplace your chances of ranking quickly are higher.

New sites tend to rank less well than established sites. Sites with more content (good content) rank better than sparse sites. Sites that get updated regularly tend to rank better than those that site unchanged for long periods of time. I've had sites show up using search terms (not the business name) within a month, but others can take longer than that. It took my over a year to get my business to be 1-3 on page one of all the major search platforms back when I started my business.

Q. Can I update the site myself?

A. Yes, I mostly build with WordPress using a Front End editing system that means website updates can be done without knowing any html/coding. I can even provide you with an editing reference guide or even some training (in person or over the phone.) for an additional fee.

Q. Where will my website be hosted?

A. I find the best way to tackle any issues is for websites I manage is for them to be hosted using my hosting company (a company with whom I have a contract to manage the servers.) I am very familiar with the hosting company I use and know their system and support team so am able to jump on problems without going through additional hoops. That said, if you prefer to use another hosting company, that is fine. The key is to be aware that if you have hosting support questions, you'll submit those to your hosting company instead of to me.


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